Moving Out Checklist

The deposit you paid at the start of your tenancy is held against any costs which may be incurred in putting the property back to its original condition (less fair wear and tear) at the end of your tenancy.
As this is an area of possible contention between landlords and tenants, we are doing our best to minimise these problems by providing our tenants with a summary of a cleaning schedule for our properties when notice is given/received.
The following is a list of tasks that you have to carry out before your tenancy ends: Please take time to read these notes in conjunction with your inventory and follow the guidelines when doing the final clean of the property. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would be happy to provide a quotation from a contract cleaning company, who will clean the property to the required standard when you leave. If you would like to choose this option, we will require 7 days notice before the end of your tenancy, and the cost would then be deducted from your deposit. Please speak to your Property Manager for further information.

The panes and frames should be cleaned both inside and outside.

Please ensure that all cobwebs are swept from all areas including the inside of cupboards and around light fittings etc giving attention to curtain rails etc

All skirting boards, architraves, doors and their frames need to be washed down to remove any dust and dirt.

Marks on emulsion walls can be gently cleaned, taking care not to remove paint by over enthusiastic scrubbing! If you have a problem with this, it may be wise to discuss it with us before taking further action. Remember to wash down radiator surfaces.

If you have had an accident with a carpet, such as a burn or a stain, we hope you will already have told us. If you have been unfortunate enough to damage a carpet, please tell us well in advance of the day you move out. By notifying us, this it will give us ample time to resolve the problem and may save you an expense. Spillages must be soaked up immediately to reduce the possibility of permanent staining. If you hold Tenants Contents Insurance, accidental damage will be covered and should be reported immediately. Fair wear and tear will be allowed for if you have been residing in the property for a lengthy period of time. Please make sure that all carpets are fully vacuumed, including under the beds and furniture (where applicable).

All draining boards, sinks and work surfaces must be left clean, including the inside of the kitchen cupboards, their top surfaces and exposed undersides. Venetian blinds and extractor fans are particularly susceptible to grease accumulation, please ensure you check these are clean before leaving the property as they can be easily overlooked. A particular disputed area is the cleanliness of the oven, hob and grill pan. Please can you ensure that these are thoroughly cleaned of any grease and food particles. If it is left in a dirty and greasy condition the cleaning often proves costly as oven cleaning is a time consuming job. Refrigerators need to be defrosted, free from all evidence of food and wiped out, with any glass trays and containers left spotlessly clean. Please then leave the appliance unplugged and prop the door open slightly to stop odours and mould building up inside. The doors of washing machines and tumble dryers should be left ajar during your tenancy to prevent the door seals perishing, and at the end of your tenancy you must ensure that the washing machine/dishwasher waste is capped off.
All bathroom furniture, including WC and showers will need to be cleaned and all tiled surfaces washed down and polished.
Please pay special attention to WC bowls (both seen and unseen areas) and make sure that tops and undersides of toilet seats are thoroughly cleaned.
Strong odours such as cigarettes, pets, cooking etc must be removed. This will normally involve having carpets, soft furnishings and curtains professionally cleaned and deodorised, and in extreme cases may mean that the property has to be re-painted to remove odours completely. Please ask one of our advisors for advice, if required.
Lawns should be cut and borders cleared of weeds. However, allowances will be made for the time of year if appropriate. In the summer season particularly, grass and weeds grow at great speed so please make this the last on your itinerary.

If you are renting a furnished property make sure that all items are left as in the inventory and that they are returned to the same room as they were noted in our original inventory. Any damaged or missing items should be replaced at the end of the tenancy to avoid the cost being deducted from your deposit. If you have told us of a breakage before you leave we are usually able to negotiate this with the landlord.

If the sofas, chairs and other soft furnishings have become grubby, please approach us first before attempting to clean; please notify us of this as soon as possible to allow time to resolve.

Unless you have notified us in writing, any items left in the property will be removed by us and a charge for disposal will then be made from your deposit.
Properties are usually checked within 48 working hours of keys being returned to our office. Please can you complete the accompanied sheet so that we may contact you should there be any problems and also for contact details to forward on your mail.
Your deposit can not be returned to you until any disputed matters have been resolved so please notify us of any problems as soon as is possible.

Set yourself a target date: Please make sure that all of the above tasks are carried out by this date: _______________

If you have any questions regarding this matter, you can call a member of our team on Tel: 07792 723830 / 01332 496315 or email:

Thank you for your co-operation.

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